Moyee Coffee

Coffee Partner

Even bad coffee can lead to a good idea. The FoodSpace team are delighted to have started a brilliant partnership with Moyee Coffee, for few of our locations nationwide. The Moyee’s journey to Ireland began when two social upstarts and graduates of UCD Innovation Academy, Shane and Killian, set out to change the world.

Do you know what FairChain is?

“We are not against Fairtrade, we only go a big step further than them. With FairChain we are finally trying to restore the coffee chain. Our goal is to create a 50/50 balance between coffee producers and coffee drinkers. Quite a hard core ambition, but we are already well on the way. In addition to the 20% FairChain premium for the coffee farmers, we leave 300% more money in the coffee-producing country! And that while you no longer pay for coffee, win-win!

”Moyee is an indulgence, rich and flavoursome, and carefully crafted for lovers of specialty coffee. FoodSpace chose only the best for our customers.