Hickey’s Bakery

Bread & Bakery Partner


Set snugly in the shadow of the West Gate in Clonmel, Hickey’s Bakery is as much a part of the town’s history as the old arch itself. Originally established in the 1900s, the bakery has been home to no less than four generations of Hickey bakers. They deliver to us every day to ensure they give us the best quality produce here in our FoodSpace locations in Clonmel.

Current owner and local entrepreneur Nuala Hickey, has been in the business for more than 20 years, and – judging by the number of awards the bakery has garnered during her time there – she’s doing a good job.

“It’s about finding something new and interesting for the customer,” she says. While she acknowledges the “huge challenge” of being a sole trader in this economic climate, it’s clear her regulars are a saving grace. “They’re a very loyal breed of people, we’re very lucky.”

Traditional soda bread, pastries, full lunches and Hickey’s famous sliced pan – made fresh in-store, are all accompaniments to what Cate McCarthy believes is “the best barm brack in Ireland.”