Crafting Culinary Excellence with Laura Doherty at FoodSpace

Laura’s love for cooking began in childhood, revolving around her mam’s kitchen. Inspired by her mam’s tasty dishes and fuelled by her own curiosity, Laura was drawn to the role of one day become a chef. “I always knew I wanted a job that was creative and allowed me to express myself and becoming a chef felt like a natural choice for me.”

Embracing her Irish Heritage

For Laura, Irish cuisine is more than just a collection of dishes; it reflects her heritage and serves as a source of comfort, reminding her of home. At FoodSpace, Laura makes sure to include Irish flavours in every menu, offering a taste of nostalgia and familiarity to our customers. “It is about connecting with our consumers on a deeper level, reminding them of their childhood for a few moments on a busy day.”

Laura’s Favourite?

For Laura and our team, the use of locally sourced ingredients is the core of our philosophy. Not only does it elevate flavours of our dishes but also supports the local community and promotes sustainability. Laura’s favourite is the vibrant beetroot. Beetroots have that vivid colour, are sweet and earthy in flavour, and opens a world of opportunities for different dishes. She loves the dramatic colour they bring to a dish and the nutrients that they possess – a bonus! Let’s not forget Laura’s love for cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, and most importantly the dish she would eat every day for the rest of her life – Stonewood pizza: packed with the juicy tomato and basil sauce, mozzarella cheese and crispy dough.

Shaping a Better Food Future

From supporting local farmers to eliminating unsustainable ingredients like palm oil and avocados from our business, Laura and our FoodSpace team are the driving change for a sustainable future. “Choosing to support local farmers and using seasonal produce is the most meaningful aspect of our work. It’s about shaping a better food future for the generations to come.”

A Day in the Life

Laura’s role as Food Development Chef at FoodSpace is dynamic as it is diverse. From crafting weekly and pop-up menus to collaborating with start-ups and travelling to various sites for menu development and training, Laura’s days are action packed with creativity and innovation. She works alongside FoodSpace’s Culinary Director – Conor Spacey for various projects. She also works with the HACCP team in ensuring audits are carried out and that they are always up to date on their training. And within the hustle and bustle of her day, Laura finds joy in seeing a smile on every customer’s face.

In an industry defined by ever-changing trends, Laura stays ahead of the latest innovations and culinary movements by constantly researching different food trends, food seasonality and seeking inspiration to infuse into her new menu creations. Whether this is to experiment with new ingredients or embracing seasonal specialties.

Laura’s Career Highlights

Among the many milestones in her career, Laura prides herself with the ‘All-Star’ award she received in 2020 for her dedication within FoodSpace. During the challenging times of the pandemic, Laura’s commitment to culinary excellence came through, earning her the recognition from her peers that she truly deserves.

What’s next for Laura and FoodSpace?

As for upcoming changes at FoodSpace, Laura hints at a shift towards more sustainable nut options, reflecting our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and mindful sourcing.