FoodSpace and 2GoCup Partnership Promotes a Sustainable Dining Experience

At FoodSpace, we prioritise the removal of single-use plastics from all aspects of our business. We are proud of our pioneering partnership with 2GoCup, a leading provider of reusable cup solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step towards creating a more sustainable dining experience for our community, and for addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution. Both FoodSpace and 2GoCup are championing a greener future while simultaneously promoting environmental awareness and responsibility by encouraging our customers to embrace reusable cups.

The Plastic Predicament

Single-use plastics have become a global concern due to their detrimental impact on the environment. Plastic cups contribute significantly to the mounting problem of waste and pollution. Traditional disposable cups, made from non-biodegradable materials, often end up in landfills or our oceans. Decomposition of disposable cups can take hundreds of years, leading to severe consequences for ecosystems, marine life, and human health.

A Powerful Partnership

Through our successful and ever-growing collaboration with 2GoCup, we have a profound goal of revolutionising our environmental stewardship. This commitment entails reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-conscious choices to our valued customers. Together with 2GoCup, we can encourage our customers to foster a culture of sustainability. With our combined expertise and shared vision, both FoodSpace and 2GoCup strive to transform the dining experience, making it more eco-friendly, convenient, and enjoyable by:

  • Our reusable cup program allows customers to rent 2GoCup’s durable BPA-free, and leak-proof cups for just €2.
  • Once customers have finished their drink, they can return their 2GoCup to any FoodSpace café location, and the deposit will be refunded. Alternatively, customers can choose to exchange their 2GoCup for a new one.  

A Sustainable Future

Our partnership with 2GoCup represents a significant stride towards creating a greener future for the food industry. By adopting reusable cup solutions, customers can actively contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic waste and protect our environment for future generations. Every small choice we make can have a lasting positive impact on our planet. With our partnership with 2GoCup, we hope to inspire a collective responsibility to combat plastic pollution and work towards a more sustainable future, where plastic waste is minimised, and our environment thrives.