Loyal to local is our motto well one of them here Food Space Ireland locations and in Galway we signed the Gastronomy 2018 charter.
Love working with so many brilliant producers here in NUI Galway & GMIT and at all FoodSpace sites throughout Ireland.

From The Galway, West of Ireland European Region of Gastronomy programme:

“Galway and the West of Ireland is so unique, nestled on the shores of the Atlantic at the very edge of Europe, Galway is a county of unparalleled natural beauty with a ripe land and rich marine which feeds nearly ten times its population. It also boasts a young, vibrant and culturally-diverse population”.

“Food plays an important role in all our lives. Whether you are a fisherman or a farmer, a food producer or entrepreneur, a restauranteur or a student we all engage with food on a daily basis however do we recognise the abundance of high quality, rich produce we have here on the west coast of Ireland.

The programmes of events during the year will focus on the five main themes are outlined in the bid book, these are:

Education and Health,
Linking Urban with Rural,
Cultural Diversity,
Sustainability and Feeding the Planet
Supporting SMEs and Innovation”