Grainne Carberry

Director of Food Services


Grainne Carberry is currently the Director of FoodSpace Ireland, which operates outlets through the country in BNI, pharmaceuticals, education and high street operations.  

Her role is to coordinate, manage and incorporate the FoodSpace brand throughout the wider Apleona operation, thereby expanding the company’s TFM capability.

The FoodSpace ethos of loyal to local is not just a USP developed by Grainne and the team, but it is the defining principle under which FoodSpace operates. This ethos extends to total belief in the education of both staff and clients in the practice of food sustainability and associated environmental awareness and benefits. This ethos enables FoodSpace to provide a unique, high quality food and beverage service to clients and customers alike, while simultaneously providing benefit to local suppliers and also the wider environment.

Grainne has a clear vision for the future of FoodSpace, enhancing the quality of the product provided to clients and customers by continuously improving in-house understanding and staff education in relation to sustainability practices, thereby establishing an internal “sustainability culture” within Apleona.  

Grainne’s extensive experience within the catering industry, coupled with her commitment to her own continuous professional development, has resulted in her strategic approach to providing direction and specific focus for the company. Grainne has a strong educational background, from languages and marketing to hotel and catering management. Her belief in continuous professional development has resulted in her regularly recognising the need to upskill and work upon her skillset in order to remain current within a rapidly changing industry. From her beginnings in working within hotels across Ireland, through progression to various management roles within commercial catering, to her role as Food and Beverage Manager in the Houses of the Oireachtas, Grainne’s ethos has been developed by learning from past experience and having the belief and bravery to not just accept the perceived industry norms, but to embrace the challenge of change. She is an exponent of the principle of change management and creating the internal environment through which change can be effected.

Grainne’s goal for FoodSpace is for the company to enhance its already stellar reputation as leaders and pacesetters in terms of their approach to the provision of a bespoke and quality product to customers and clients who share her passion for change and betterment within the industry.