Conor Spacey

Culinary Director


Conor Spacey is the Culinary Director of FoodSpace Ireland, which operates outlets through the country in BNI, pharmaceuticals, education and high street operations.  

His role is to implement and manage our food programme throughout all our culinary teams of chefs.

Conor is very focussed on providing a sustainable food system that involves seasonal Irish ingredients, working directly with farmers across the country and implementing a zero waste policy that also reduces our carbon footprint.

Constantly challenging himself to do better and in turn providing the culinary team with the best of local ingredients that are not only inventive and great to eat but also good for the planet as well as our customers.

Conor is constantly looking at how we as Foodspace we can contribute to fixing our broken food system. This is a global problem, that focuses Conor and his teams to implement changes and overcome challenges on how to deliver great food to our customers that is also planet friendly. Conor’s work has led him to question everything that is seen as the ‘norm’ in the catering and together with his team of dedicated food professionals introduce a better food programme throughout our kitchens that benefits our clients

Conor has been working in this Industry for 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with food that has helped create the ethos that is FoodSpace today.

Sharing his knowledge with his culinary teams to ensure that Foodspace as a company constantly implement new and exciting food and service that is changing the roadmap to what is accepted as normal in our catering industry today and for the future.  

Conor’s goal for FoodSpace is for the company to be the leading truly Irish food company in contract catering, to work with likeminded clients that strive for the best product for their teams in the workplace and also for Foodspace to be a platform that enables change throughout our food system for a better and more sustainable future