Waterfall Farms

Fruit & Veg Supplier Partner


Trevor and his brother Nigel of Waterfall Farm have been working with us for seven years supplying fresh fruit, veg, salad leaves and herbs to one of our FoodSpace locations in Cork.

In a few short years, from humble beginnings, the Martin family has grown their food-prepping business into a vibrant enterprise that employs 15 people, but their mum still makes the tea. They offer an end to end service from ploughing, sowing and cropping to peeling, slicing and dicing. They literally grow it, wash it, pack it and stack it all from their farm – supplying bars and restaurants within a 50-mile radius of their farm.

Trevor and Nigel remain the faces of the operation though and Trevor has a passion that translates into experimenting with what he grows and how he grows it. And, when people call up and ask them to send out a price list, Trevor responds by saying ‘no, come out and see us first, see what we’re about.