Gannet Fish

Fish Supplier

We use local fishmonger Gannet for all our fish at our FoodSpace Galway locations. Gannet Fishmongers was set up as a pop up fish stall at the Galway Saturday Market in early 2002.

From here Gannet Fishmongers has evolved to become one of Ireland leading seafood retail business, also purveying some of the best local Chefs and Restaurants, now employing a team of twelve employees.

Gannet Fishmongers was the brainchild of Parisian born Stefan Griesbach, who prior to setting up. They decided to move away from an Urban lifestyle to the west coast of Ireland.

Locally Irish sourced seafood represent 95% of the overall product turnover. Gannet’s commitment to promote Native Irish seafood is well recognised within the Irish fish industry and Culinary world,always looking at direct marketing opportunities for highly seasonal species. “We have a No Waste policy, so that the dumping at sea of any unwanted so called “Trash” fish should be avoided as much as possible”explained Stefan.

FoodSpace, Gannet fishmongers and help to educate consumers whilst promoting sustainable fish species and methods of capture every day!