Discovering the Heart of Coffee Culture with Gabriela Rotariu, Our Barista at FoodSpace

Within the vibrant atmosphere of FoodSpace, Gabriela Rotariu stands as a flare of dedication and passion. As a barista, Gabriela’s journey is one of transformation, resilience, and a deep love for her craft. Gabriela’s journey with FoodSpace began in 2015 when she started as a cleaner. By 2017, her aspiration led her to transition into catering, embracing the role of a barista. 

A Day in the Life of a Barista

Gabriela’s day starts early. “I arrive, get equipped, and begin my day,” she shares. Mornings are dedicated to preparing and serving coffee, setting up for lunch, and ensuring the café is spotless and inviting. From checking milk supplies to turning on the coffee machine and setting up the sandwich bar, every task is executed with precision and care. “At 11:30, we set up for lunch, and by 12, we start serving. Throughout the day, we maintain cleanliness and professionalism”.

Balancing Between Work and Life at Home

After a busy day at work, Gabriela finds peace in her family. “I like spending time with my baby boy and husband in nature. We go for walks in the park, enjoy a coffee, and I love cooking traditional Romanian food for my family.” Gabriela also treasures moments of self-care, often unwinding by getting her hair done.

Gabriela’s Inspiration and Motivation

A hard worker by nature, Gabriela draws motivation from her family and colleagues. “I enjoy working in a supportive environment and love what I do.” Her passion for cooking at home seamlessly translates into her work. Working at FoodSpace has mastered Gabriela’s skills in coffee making, sandwich preparation, organisation, teamwork, and communication. “My biggest achievement is my baby boy, an IVF baby, and I feel very lucky to have him. Professionally, progressing from cleaning to becoming a barista is something I’m very proud of.”

A Workplace like No Other

Describing FoodSpace work culture in three words, Gabriela says, “Fun, good-communication, enjoyable – no stress. I feel good about myself here.” For those joining her team, Gabriela emphasises the importance of organisation, agility, and a commitment to client satisfaction. “Be organised, agile, and prepared for coffee making and always have a smile on your face.”