Unveiling the Heart of Food Services with Maricica Jicmon, our Food Services Assistant at FoodSpace

Maricica Jicmon is a key part of our team at FoodSpace. She embodies the essence of dedication and passion in her role as Food Service Assistant at our Dublin site. With 17 years of commitment, her journey reflects not just her professional growth but also the evolution of our services.

Day in the Life of Maricica?

In the morning, she ensures every detail is meticulously arranged – from setting up the coffee machine to organising snacks and ensuring that every surface is spotless. Her mornings are filled with energy as she organises the breakfast service and communicates with the chefs for the daily menus and prepares for the lunch and dinner service in the afternoon. Maricica’s work is fuelled by her passion for delivering an exceptional experience for every customer. She finds inspiration in the smiles of satisfied customers and the familial bond she shares with her team.

Balancing Work and Life’s Simple Pleasures

Beyond her routine, Maricica finds happiness in simple pleasures. Whether it’s hiking with her family, hitting the gym, or indulging in a spa weekend with her daughters, she finds balance and rejuvenation in these moments.

A Personal Journey

Reflecting on her journey with FoodSpace, Maricica finds fulfilment in her growth and accomplishments. From mastering the intricacies of food service to effectively collaborating with her team. She thrives on the challenges and opportunities that come her way. What sets Maricica apart is not just her skills but her ability to connect. Over the years, she has mastered her communication and leadership skills, fostering a work culture defined by agility, understanding, and effective communication.

A Look into the Future

As she looks to the future, Maricica’s advice for newcomers echoes her own journey, to be reliable, adaptable, and always ready to lend a helping hand. For her success lies in embracing each day with a positive outlook.

In the words of Maricica herself, “be happy always.” It’s not just a quote but a guiding principle that embodies her work ethic and spirit, making her a valuable member in our FoodSpace family.