Crafting Culinary Excellence with Andrea Hant, our Site Lead at FoodSpace

In the bustling heart of Dublin, behind the scenes of FoodSpace’s culinary site, lies a dynamic individual whose role is as diverse as the flavours we manage. Andrea Hant, the Site Lead at FoodSpace’s Dublin-based site. Her journey from part-time barista to managerial excellence exemplifies the FoodSpace ethos of growth and dedication to our people.

Andrea’s Introduction to FoodSpace

Andrea began her FoodSpace journey as a part-time barista, immersing herself in the world of hospitality. Over 11 years, she navigated through various roles, honing her skills and expertise. In 2021, she transitioned to the role of Soft Services Coordinator, overseeing essential aspects of the site such as cleaning, catering, gym, facilities, and main room management. Finally, in October 2023, she was appointed as Site Lead, a pivotal position encompassing multifaceted responsibilities.

A Day in the Life

No two days are alike for Andrea. In her daily routine, Andrea seamlessly moves between tasks and responsibilities, staying hands-on in day-to-day operations. She serves as the backbone of operational efficiency, ensuring smooth functioning at every turn, whether it’s handling paperwork or meeting with Head Chef/Sustainability Auditor Conor Harnett.

Andrea’s Inspiration and Time to Unwind

Outside of work, Andrea finds solace in music, viewing it as a therapeutic escape from the daily grind. During her weekends, she rejuvenates by enjoying coffee outings and leisurely walks in the park with loved ones, replenishing her energy for the week ahead.

Andrea draws inspiration from her superiors, mentors, and family support, which have been instrumental in her professional development. They have shaped her drive for success and excellence in her role at FoodSpace. Reflecting on their impact, she shares, “I have been working with Mary Harte and Aleksandra Krakowiak, and they have helped me flourish and grow, teaching me all that I know.”

Andrea’s Career Highlights

Andrea’s journey with FoodSpace has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences and skill development. Rising to the position of Site Lead stands out as her greatest achievement, showcasing her exceptional organisational and leadership abilities. Her dedication to guiding and inspiring her team, combined with her commitment to excellence, fuels her ambition to elevate the future of FoodSpace.

Overcoming A Significant Challenge

Navigating the post-COVID transition posed a significant challenge for Andrea and her team. Adapting to half-capacity operations required resilience and agility. Yet, through perseverance and dedication, they ensured seamless service delivery amidst uncertainty.

Describe FoodSpace’s Work Culture in Three Words?

  • Familial
  • Fun
  • Understanding

The sense of friendship, combined with a nurturing environment, fosters a culture where every individual feels supported and valued.

In conclusion, Andrea’s journey at FoodSpace serves as a testament to our commitment to fostering growth and excellence. Through dedication, resilience, and a supportive work culture, Andrea continues to inspire and elevate those around her, shaping the future of culinary excellence one day at a time.