APRIL IS ALL ABOUT Irish farmers, growers and producers

For Aprils in Season we are changing it slightly to what we normally do as we are not in normal times.

Most of us are now at home isolating ourselves and family. Times are very different from what was our usual day to day routines and while we are adapting and anxious about our families, friends and work colleagues, food has become an even bigger part of our lives.

Good food is needed now more than ever to keep us healthy and boost our immune systems.

Food at home can also play a part in entertaining kids and getting them involved in preparing meals and making it a fun time.

More than ever we need to support Irish farmers, growers and producers. These people are the backbone to Irish food and are now facing into a period where their produce that was destined for hotels, restaurants, cafes etc. across the country are struggling more than ever to sell their fantastic ingredients.

As consumers we can help – a lot of producers have introduced other ways to buy their produce and you can check out your local area on social media etc. there are new deliveries available where you can order online and have Irish food delivered directly to your home or while you are shopping in supermarkets look for Irish produce on the shelves and lets all play a part in ensuring that these people still have a business when we come out of this.

At FoodSpace we will be posting easy recipes to do at home and tips for mental health on our social media pages and here on our blog. Let us know how you are getting on, if you have any questions please get in touch and watch out for updates and recipes

The FoodSpace Team