It is used in so many ways from wrapping foods, to cooking and pastry sections. In fact, I have never seen a kitchen without it; it is the go to piece in the kitchen. However, does that make it right?

The truth is that single use plastics have caused huge damage to our planet, wild life, fish and environment. So why do we continue to accept that it is ok to use these? Does habit takeover from common sense?

Last year in FoodSpace we removed over 1.8 million single use plastic bottles from our business, but that is just a drop in the ocean, it is the beginning of a journey that we are taking to look at everything we do and the effect it can cause to our planet

So Clingfilm had to be next … was it difficult? Did we have to invest lots of money?

Well no, we found like most problems we face the answer is in the past. What did we do before plastic and Clingfilm? Quite simple really, we use unbleached brown paper for raw meats and fish (just like in history), reusable containers and lids for soups, sauces etc, and damp unbleached plant based paper for salad leaves, herbs etc. We also transport food in our vans for events etc. the norm is always to wrap trollies and food in lots of Clingfilm just in case. But by banning it we are also encouraging our chefs and teams to come up with solutions. A simple crate system like we use for our deliveries was the answer. A little step to make can help our Planet.

We have many more changes on the way and will keep pushing to make the food industry a sustainable one….. #noplanetB