From a very young age food has played such an important role for me in my life. I come from a large family, four brothers, three sisters and we were lucky enough to have wholesome fresh cooked dinners made by my parents.

So from there I grow a love for cooking, feeding my big hunger family, studying in culinary college, and working in a competitive industry. Then I started focusing more on what I’m most passionate about, which is healthy delicious recipes.

I love food. I believe eating healthy all comes down visual and taste. I always want to help the busy people of today’s society eat better on their lunch time, when they are passing through the restaurant.

I am a big avocadate for changing the stereotypical dishes offered for vegetarians, vegans and the typical salad bar/delis. Every day in the restaurant I try to showcase different wholesome ingredients and share my healthy tasty recipe experiments to the public.

With the One Planet Plate campaign I got very excited about this project and the whole ethos about the campaign, I myself share many of the same passions.

Being part of the costal tide clean up committee and seeing first-hand the plastic problem we are facing today, It really makes me want to encourage change and to contribute to a better food future.

That is why I picked my recipe, the Buddha Bowl.  The ingredients come from a local vegetable grower, reduces plastic in the kitchen, minimal cooking required and has all the right nutrition for a person on the go at workplace or anywhere.

As I have a big love for food and fitness. I’m part of a Local Gaa team, I surf, play many sports and practise yoga on a daily basis. I love big bold colours and wanted to bring a bit my personality into this recipe and nourish the body with real food.