When I look for changes to make in sustainability, I look for high impact targets, like coffee cups and water bottles.  It’s easy to create a sustainable dish, but I wanted to reconstruct a dish that we all know, one that we would all be comfortable cooking and eating, just to get people thinking about it.

This dish is focusing on portion size, and the ratio of fish to vegetables.  By stuffing the fish with peas, and incorporating the chips into the batter, we can give the preception of a large, multi textured portion of fried fish, with a reduced impact on the sea, and the earth.  Cabbage, peas, and carrots are available year round in Ireland, and the dish has a higher neutrient count, with more flavour and texture than an entire plate of fried food.  I think it’s a great twist on fish and chips, and people tend to overlook how small the fish portion is, or that it is essentially on a bed of salad. I hope you like it. – Chef Patrick Loewen


Ingredients (Serves 4)

For The Fish:

• 600g Sustainable Irish cod
• 200g Mushy peas in a piping bag
• 100g Plain flour
• 150ml Cold sparkling water
• 2 Large baker potato peeled
& julienned
• 25g corn flour
• Salt to taste

For The Pickled Red Cabbage:

• Head red cabbage
• 150ml Water
• 50ml Irish malt vinegar
• 50g Irish honey

For The Coleslaw:

• Head white cabbage
• 1 Large carrot
• 100g Mayo
• 3g Tumeric
• Salt to taste
• 1 Lemon



Portion your cod into 4 even pieces, butterflied open to give maximum surface area.

Season the fish, and pipe your cool mushy peas lengthwise down the longest side of the fish. Pipe just enough, so that you can roll the fish around the peas like a cigar.

Wrap your fish cigars tigtly in cling film, and twist the ends, so that your tube, begins to take the shape of a sphere. Rest in the freezer for 1 hour. Not a second more.

Finley slice white cabbage, and grate your carrot, add mayo salt and turmeric.

Finely slice red cabbage, and set aside in a bowl just big enough to fit it.

Bring water, vinegar, and honey just to the boil. Pour it over your red cabbage, cover with a heavy dish over the top, and allow it to rest.

Gently whisk your flour into your sparkling water, until you have the consistency of pouring cream, careful to avoid lumps.

After 60 minutes, remove fish from freezer, unwrap gently using sharp scissors, and lightly dust your fish balls with half of your cornflour. Pre heat your fryer now too.

Sprinkle the remaining flour onto your potato strips, and toss them gently.

Using gloves, gently dip your dusted fish into the batter.

Line your plam with dusted potato, place your battered ball on top, and top it off with another layer of potato strips, and reform the sphere shape. (Repeat x 3).

Fry at 150C unti for 5-8 minutes, until an internal temperature >75C is reached.

While it is frying, plate your slaw and pickled red cabbage, by layering on onto the other in a ring mold. If you don’t have a ring mold, you can reuse a soup tin a few times, if you keep it clean and dry. One chef’s trash is another chef’s equipment.

Place your golden orbs of fish and chips onto your slad, top with a lemon wedge, and some herb sprigs from the garden if you have them.