I chose this dish as it features 3 great Irish ingredients easy available 9 months of the year. One in particular seems to have been lost from our cuisine for far too long. Seaweed is easily available, but it is still very much under used. People should understand that adds great health benefits too your diet when you incorporate
it into a recipe.- Chef Mark Jenkins


Ingredients (Serves 8)

All Irish & Local:

• Broccoli 800g
• Carrot 500g
• Wild Connemara Kelp 500g
• Red onion
• Cherry tomatoes 24
• Wild Garlic 15g
• Free range egg 8
• Sheep yogurt 240ml
• Wild Dillisk 40g
• Achill sea salt to taste
• Sage 50g
• Waste melon peel vinaigrette in house 5ml
• Grape seed oil 20m
• In House dryed Dillisk 50g



Wash all vegetable clean of dirt.

Kelp: Wash fresh seaweed, cut in to long tagliatelle pasta strips and place in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes; remove from water and leave cool. Set water to one side.

Carrot: Peel carrot and keep for crisp. Keep tops and tales for dressing. Grate the rest of the carrot.
Fine dice red onion & garlic and sweat in frying pan for 5 minutes then add to grated carrot. Chopped sage and dryed Dillisk.

Broccoli: Cut all the florets from the broccoli stocks. Place water from seaweed back on the boil and add broccoli for 4 minutes.Remove from water and dry off any excess water. Set water to one side again.

Place the broccoli in a blender and blend. Then add this to the carrot mix and combine together and shape approx 145g patties. Leave sit until ready to serve.

Crisp: use a mandolin to thinly slice your broccoli stock. Massage lightly in grape seed oil evenly. Doing the same with the carrot peelings. Spread out over the trays and cook for 15 min at 160C fan.

Dressing: Place Sheep’s yogurt, carrot tops and fresh dill in blender season to taste, I like to add a bit of honey to add a little sweetness (optional). Toss together with kelp and cherry tomatoes. Divide into 60g portions.

Heat frying pan with grape seed oil and fry Pattie for 3 minutes each side and serve. Heat boiled water again add in house vinegar and poach egg serve on top of Pattie.

All products used are all local produce for our spring menu and readily available to us. All have a low impact on are environment and very sustainable to our business.

The only waste for this dish is the egg shell which we also grind up and use for fertiliser in are herb garden which the water can also be used to for.