Ingredients (Serves 8)

• 30ml Rapeseed oil
• 15g Garlic
• 400g Red onion
• 400g Black beans
• 120g Scallions
• 100g Fresh coriander
• 640g Red pepper
• 1 Lemon zest

• 20ml Rapeseed oil
• 5g Garlic
• 200g Red onion
• 380g Brown rice
• 1.5lit Veg stock
• 3 Limes, zest
• 50g Fresh coriander

• 10ml Rapeseed oil 8 trout fillets
• 10g Coriander seeds



Fry the onions and garlic with 30ml rapeseed oil.

Add the soaked beans and continue cooking.

Add the peppers lemon zest & the juice from the lemon, fresh coriander and scallions.

For the rice heat 20ml oil with the garlic and onions then add the rice. Add the stock to the mixture lemon zest and juice of the three lemons. Reduce heat cover until rice is ready.

Cook the Trout fillets with some crushed coriander seeds in some oil.

Serve the rice and the beans finish with fresh coriander.