I made Potato and Black Pudding Beetroot Cake with apples and carrots verdi with beetroot, potato,
carrot crisps and roast red pepper and rocket garnish. I choose this dish as we owe a lot to the humblespud, and what better to add a bit of local black pudding with apple and carrot by using all the components
of the beetroot potato and carrot. – Chef Jack Kelly


• 8 Large baking potato
• 8 Beetroot
• 5 Carrots whole
• 2 Cooking apples diced
• 400g of Diced black pudding
• 4 Tablespoon of olive oil
• Salt/pepper
• One tin of roasted 250g Pepper
• 100g Flour
• 100g Rocket leaves
• 100g of Butter



Wash your beetroot to remove and debris that may be present.
Bake off 6 beetroot wrapped in tin foil for 45/50 minutes at 180Co.

Allow to cool you can do this the day before to make it easier to dice
Place large baking potatoes into oven for 1 hour at 160Co.

Diced your black pudding, beetroot into a small dice 5mm by 5mm
Once cooked hollow out the potatoes and add butter salt and pepper and make a potato mash allow to rest for a 30 minutes hold onto the skins cut them into wedges as we use these for garnish.

Wash and peel you carrots, and dice into 2mm by 2mm, also do the same with your apples, use the stalk also once its finely chopped place them with 2 spoon of olive oil together into a bowl and add pepper and hold onto carrot ribbons (when peeling carrots go around a second time as we can use these ribbons we use this at a later stage for garnish).

Gently fry off you black pudding till its crispy add in diced beetroot
and pinch of salt and pepper. Add carrots and apples and gently sweat off for 30/40 seconds.
Add mixture to your cooled potato mixture and make mini potato cakes around 4 cm in size each weighing 70g each, two per serving, place them into a fridge for 20 mins.

Slice up your 2 beet root into 1mm wafers use a Kitchen Aid called a mandolin if have one, or use a sharp knife by be very careful when doing this.

Place a pan on the heat at a medium heat. Roll your potato cakes in flour. Place them gently into the pan always away from yourself to prevent splashing of oil until crispy on both sides place into oven for 5/6 minutes at 180Co.

Deep fry your potato wedges carrot ribbons and beetroot slices until crispy. Dice pepper into 1mm dice.

Take out potato beetroot cake. Place the potato cake onto plate with your apples and carrots Verdi topped with your crisps and few rocket leaves. Serve hot & Enjoy!