Pauline Cox

Director of Food Services


Who better than to lead the FoodSpace business than someone with a genuine passion for food and 20 years’ experience in working for market-leading foodservice organisations in operations, sales and strategic partnerships across the UK & Ireland?

Pauline started with Apleona in February 2016 with a clear objective of creating a unique food service offering that supported the wider service offer. She quickly realised the exciting opportunity ahead in moulding the ethos and values and creating a market-facing brand in FoodSpace that she could lead, be proud of and that would resonate with the rest of the team and FoodSpace clients – both current and potential.

FoodSpace has at its core a love of great local foods & flavour’s, a boutique look & feel and great teams delivering services to clients with a unique personal and flexible approach.

It’s not hard to instil a foodie culture in someone if it’s already a genuine passion of theirs. Pauline loves to keep her finger on the pulse, often sharing information socially via Twitter and LinkedIn on latest food trends and current affairs around sustainability and sourcing. When she’s travelling with family and friends (something she loves to do), her trips are often centred around her food experiences – checking out new restaurants and experimenting with new cuisines. And, she loves nothing more than a morning run to burn it all off!