FoodSpace away for a foodie truffle weekend in Alba, Piemonte in North Italy.

Every November the Maran family & friends take the opportunity to buy the wine for the year from a local producer in Barolo and eat the famous Alba White Truffle in Alba. It’s a long standing tradition.

The typical dishes of Langhe tradition are: countless antipasti, typical fresh egg pastas like tajarin and “plin” ravioli, raw Fassone beef, cheeses, desserts based on PGI Piedmont hazelnuts and, of course, the Alba white truffle.

Eating truffle is not only a food experience, as Federica explains:

“For me eating Alba White Truffle is like biting a legend, a fairy tale. A glorious Italian tradition, a knowledge passed from father to son, year after year, generation after generation of truffle hunters. Even the dogs are bred and trained in the same family over the generations. The truffle hunting is a secret and mysterious art”.

This fungus is very rare, and it is a rebel, it only grows wild and all efforts to cultivate it have failed so far.

From the truffle stock market in November 2017 the Alba White Truffle is quoted 600 Euro for 100 hg. So there is a really good reason why they call it “White Gold”!

To discover more about the International Truffle Festival in Alba visit:

And now… you can start to plan your next autumn trip of 2018!